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Yutaka KAGAYA - японский художник, очень популярный в Азии. 
Один из родоначальников цифровой живописи. Его работы полностью выполнены на компьютере.
И они волшебны...

Blossoms with Stars

You can enjoy a perfect spring by the grace of some pinky clouds along the road, 
plenty of petals flying in the air, 
innumerable blossoms in full bloom, 
and, above all, countless shining stars in the dark blue sky.


Fantasy Railroad in autumn

"Look, gentian flowers are in full bloom. It's quite autumn now."
said Campanella, pointing out of the window.
Among short grasses along the railroad, they saw plenty of pretty purple gentian flowers which looked as if they had been carved out of moon-stone.
"I'd try to get off and get back with them?"
said Giovanni excitedly.
"It's too late. They've gone away."
No sooner had Campanella said so than another mass of shining gentians went away. And the next moment, one after another, countless cups of gentian flowers with yellow bottoms went away springing up or showering down. Meanwhile, lights of sankaku-hyos are endlessly in line along their way, some blurred, some blazing.


Every morning when Eos,
the goddess of dawn,
with the rosy fingers,
drops stars and dews on the silence, Princess Andromeda
is cleansing herself alone in the lake.

She prays,
in the water as pure and clean as she,

"May our home country be in peace."

Everything goes
quietly, deeply and moderately,
before the south-eastern wind,
Euros, comes.


Here is the place where spring comes first in the world.
She comes up to the top of the tower overlooking Opal Gate.
Here comes the day when she blesses the coming of Spring.
"May our planet be blessed with breath of lives!
May everyone be blessed with glorious breeze!"
Aurora is going to fade into the sky of dawn with a bright melody of silence.

Crystal Evening

Silence is on the shore of the river, while water flows calmly.
The crown of flowers shining in the moonlight will come drifting to her in some time.
Will she pick it up with a smile when she finds it?
The building which seems to be a temple is the second Marae Celestial Gate,
which works only at night.
It is just starting to work, reflecting the full moon.

Everlasting Song

There are slight ripples of ice over the lake, where she has taken her boat.

Glows of aurora are creations of the harmony between the sun and the earth.
You can see them to hear the silent song of the universe.
Now calm, now wild. Now quiet, now loud.
It has been lasting since the oldest days.

She plays melodies reading the music above in the sky.
Every harmony carries its own melody and verse.
You can neither see nor hear the same melody again.
Nevertheless, the song lasts forever.

The Way to Fantasy Railroad

Fantasy Railroad runs through the field of light of stars.
It is not in cosmic space which is empty of anything, but in the world which is full of such familiar things as grasses, flowers, birds, utility poles and signals.
The water of the river is ever so transparent as to be invisible, whereas creatures like fish live in it.
There stand countless sankaku-hyos, which are supposed to be the marks for someone to devote himself to making a map of the world.
While a scholar tries to dig fossils out of stratums in order to prove that the world has really been there.
When we try to observe the world, however, we see nothing but vacuum of space with only stars floating in the sky.
I wonder how our real world look, in return, when they observe toward us far from their invisible world. 


You can only hear a boat floating on the water,
waves lapping to the iceberg and whales chirping in the sea.
Under the boat in the transparent water, reflecting the light of aurora,
The ruins look as close as if they were within reach.
The couple, having traveled from far Pleiades, come to explore Flower Hill Palace
which may be, they hear, at the bottom around here.
Stopping rowing, they take a short rest to look up at the splendid curtain of light.
They may be talking about their travelling far beyond the aurora.

Madonna Blue

This is a picture of Jyodo-daira, where, some say, stars are seen most clearly in Japan.
I have been there many times since I was a high school student.
Some years ago, when I was walking from Azuma-lodge to the astronomic observatory under the full moon, 
I happened to see a great many beautiful flowers of gentians in full bloom fantastically shining in the splendid moonlight.
I have never forgot the countless cups of madonna-blue, which I painted on the canvas of my memory.


The mythology tells: 

Phoenix, with beautifully shining feathers,
on the last day of his life of five centuries,
throws himself into the blazing fire.

The painting tells:

Phoenix, with brilliantly shining feathers,
on the first day of his life for coming centuries,
is just flying up into the blessing sky.

You know why Phoenix is:

The symbol of blaze, revival, resurrection,
immortality and the sun.

Navigation around Stars

Some years ago, when I took a trip to Iriomote island in Okinawa, 
I happened to see Milky Way and stars reflecting perfectly on the surface of the sea of the inlet.
It was the first experience for me. At this fancy sight I felt as if I were rolling a boat on the great river of Milky Way.
Stars were shining so fascinatingly just around my board, I was literally on the verge of jumping off into the starry world.

Hearty Welcome (white palace)

You can start for Exploring soon after you get here in the Gate.
But if you have time, please drop in at the Reception Palace first.
There are many explorers on their way and you can hear lots of stories about this planet.
You will have the pleasure of talking about the galaxy and the stars you live on .

Hearty Welcome (Opal Gate)

The flaring aurora in the sky is lighting up brightly all around.
She always welcomes heartily the travelers who come far away from light-years' distance.
A young brother and a sister are coming soon this evening,
she hears, to explore the ruins of the city where their ancestors lived.
"We always welcome the descendants of the same origin on this planet.
Welcome to the earth! We heartily welcome you, our dear friends."

Hearty Welcome (Pacific)

The Opal Gate overlooks the grand ocean.
The sea, she hears,
goes farther to the South than the aurora goes and in the farther there is full of warmer sunlight.
She feels happy, looking over the sea and walking up the stone steps to the Gate.
"What explorers are coming today?"
"How far are they going to sail tomorrow?"


When he gallops on the ground,
his hoof tracks will change into springs of artistic inspirations.

When he flies in the sky,
a rider on his back will be able to reach Heaven.

The creature of intellect with strong white wings, born in the sea,
is free to travel on the ground and in the sky
like a swift wind, like a holy light.

Snow with Stars

You can enjoy a silent night By the grace of the quiet squeak of snow boots, 
the subtle sound of her breathing the silence of snow-rabbit, 
and, above all, complete silence of shining stars in the far sky.


The seashore here is very calm with only quiet sound of waves in the ocean.
The ruins of the Gate lies in peace in the moonlight.
In the old time it was opened to the moon and lots of people might have passed through it.
It will make you feel fantastic, sitting all alone on the ruins,
which seems to be breathing still.


The sea within atoll is very calm.
Floating with her ears on and in the water, 
She can hear dolphins chatting and even fish and corals breathing.
The sea here, with countless lives in it, goes as far as the opposite side of the planet.
She loves to float in tranquility, feeling something identical with all lives on the whole planet.

Breezes with Stars

You can enjoy a cool evening by the grace of an UCHIWA-fan, YUKATA-wear, 
a wind bell, a mosquito incense, a bamboo blind, an aired tea room 
and, above all, plenty of glittering stars in the whole sky.

Traveling in the stars

"Yes. Oh, look ! Is that riverside lightened by the moonlight?"
Giovanni turned his face and saw silvery pampas grasses moving, fluttering and waving all around.
"No, the moon is not here. We see them shining by themselves because we are in the Milky Way."
Saying so, Giovanni felt something of great joy, whistled a melody of "Traveling in the stars", 
tapped the floor with his feet, and then put his head out of the window 
stretching his neck full to see what the water of the Milky Way really is. 
He could not see anything at first. 
But gradually he came to see the water was more transparent than crystal and hydrogen 
and was flowing silently with ripples shining in purple and at times with waves sparkling in rainbow colors. 
Meanwhile, the train was running among many sankaku-hyo towers standing with beautiful phosphorescent lights.

Знаки Зодиака от KAGAYA

Aries (Овен)

One quiet starry night,
Prince Priksos and Princess Here,
are leaving their home country
without being noticed by anyone.
They are to head for the land of their future, Korkis
on the back of a big golden ram.

Taurus (Телец)

Zeus, the lord of gods,
metamorphosed himself into the white bull,
is passing through the wide ocean.
On his back is his beloved Europe,
a beautiful princess of Phoenicia.
The couple is heading for far land of honeymoon.
Europe is certain to live happily there,
wherefore the land is called Europe.

Gemini (Близнецы)

The twins were born under the wings of the Swan, Zeus.
Castor inherited tenderness from their mother.
Pollux inherited immortality from their father.
When Castor was wounded to die in a war,
Pollux cried to Zeus, the Almighty,
"Take away my immortality and let us die together."
Thus, the twin stars have been twinkling side by side
in the eternal sky.

Cancer (Рак)

In the silence of the lake,
Waves lap softly onto the broken legs.
"Sleep in peace at the bottom of the blue Heaven."
With the merciful voice of Hera, the goddess of gods,
the figure of the big crab goes far up into the sky
to become the stars, shining dimly and deeply.

Leo (Лев)

The Lion, standing in the light of the full moon,
gives all his love to Serene, the goddess of the moon.
With Legurus, the star of courage, on his chest,
How can he imagine the tragedy he is fated to?

Virgo (Дева)

Demetrа, the goddess of agriculture,
rescued her only daughter Persеphone
who had been abducted by the god of Underworld.
But she was bewitched to stay in Underworld
for four months every year.
When chilly wind takes her away after harvest,
Mother Falls into a deep sorrow.
Thus cold winter comes.
How earnestly we hope spring to come soon!

Libra (Весы)

In the Golden Age, gods and people lived together on the ground.
As people got more desire and disobeyed the Divine Providence,
gods retreated altogether back to Heaven.
Dike, the maiden goddess of justice, trusting human nature,
remained alone on the ground to persuade them.
But no heart would listen to her.
So she threw her immortality up into the sky
to change herself into the stars of Scale, Libra,
asking eternally what is right and what is wrong.

Scorpius (Скорпион)

Gaia, the goddess of the earth, with mother's love,
ordered Scorpion to kill the sinful mankind, Orion,
who had destroyed the order of the nature.
We, mankind, descendants of Orion,
When will we ever learn
the massage of the mother of the earth?

Sagittarius (Стрелец)

Chiron, the wise man of Centaurs, draws a bow to the full.
The target is the red bright star of wisdom
that can be discerned only by the intelligent.
He is getting further wisdom
to serve for happiness of gods and people.

Capricornus (Козерог)

Pan is the bright and cheerful God of pasture.
He always enjoys playing the pipe made of a reed
and trotting around in the woods with pretty nymphs.
This time, however, he metamorphosed himself into a strange goat
and is swimming in the water.
How do you wonder why he is doing such things?

Aquarius (Водолей)

Ganymede, a human boy, was blessed with such beauty that
even gods could not stop falling in love.
One day he was taken away somewhere by a majestic eagle.
Time passed, and in Heaven, gods were fascinated with
a young man who were serving nectar to them at their party.
Thus, Zeus, the lord of gods,gave him the immortality of god
and he became the stars of a man who is pouring water of rain
toward his home ground.

Pisces (Рыбы)

Under a far away galaxy,
in a romance of a fantastic starry night,
You can see a couple of Fish Aphrodite and Eros,
and a string of ribbon which ties Mama and Son eternally.

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