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Одноглазка Октябрерожденная, Дающая Крылья

מישהו פעם..." עברי לידר" - "Кто-то однажды..." Иври Лидер

Клип и песня, вынимающие душу.
Иври умеет...

Someone once loved me this way
Getting on a ship for three weeks
In the middle of the night, drunk from happiness
Jumping, he doesn't know how to swim

Someone once wanted me this way
I was pretty and he was quite young
We wrote a letter, there was no fear in it
That everything is possible if you try enough

Someone once loved me this way
Writing on the hand with colors forever
The initials of our names together
In a red heart with flowers

Someone once wanted me this way
He didn't care what others say
And even though we didn't fit together
He kept trying to write me songs

Someone once loved me this way
In a little insanity and it was pleasant for me
Enough to not get up and leave
So much love that difficulties were born

Someone once wanted me this way
To write me a letter of 20 pages
Describing everything of when we'll be together
In an accurate description with details

Someone once loved me this way
The way you hardly ever see today
But i, the fool, didn't want to take
The life he offered, wanted to fulfill

So someone once left me this way
And got on a plain to far places
And i stayed empty, paralyzed with fear
Wishing everything would be alright and calmed inside

Someone once loved me this way
Playing me Mozart from old records
And i, the fool, didn't listen to the melody
Cause i wanted to taste everything in life

Tags: must listen, must see, отозвавшееся

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